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Since 1991, Contractors Brokerage Service, Inc. has been dedicated to providing the most competitive license bond options backed by the best service in the industry. At CBS we specialize in the intricacies of license bond requirements for all California contractors. Rest assured we will perform an exhaustive search for the best available bond terms, regardless of your credit history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does 911bond.com work?

Once you've entered your information, SureTec Insurance Company, the issuing surety on the bond, pulls a credit report and within seconds gives you a quote. You can either purchase the bond immediately or later.

Can I still get a bond if I have bad credit?

We encourage you to get a quote at 911bond.com. Should you be declined, one of our bond experts will contact you regarding additional options.

Does 911bond.com use a financially stable insurance company?

Yes. 911bond.com uses SureTec Insurance Company. SureTec is rated A (Excellent) by A. M. Best Company, the premier rating agency in the insurance business. You may verify the SureTec rating here. Best's ratings are derived from a detailed analysis of a company's financial strength, operating performance and market profile.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. If the premium is in excess of $500 (before rebate), you qualify for a monthly payment plan. Otherwise, the premium for your Contractors License Bond is an annual charge on your credit card for as long as the bond renews.

I'm scared to enter my Social Security number. Is the website secure?

911bond.com has partnered with GetMyCLB.com and is a trusted, high-security site built with rigorous privacy standards. The site is certified secure by VeriSign, internationally trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services. Their web site is verisign.com.

What if my company is a partnership?

The application requires that information be provided for all owners.

Will you file my bond for me?

Yes. Your bond is electronically filed with the California State Contractors License Board.

Can I track my purchase?

When you purchase a bond, you will receive a confirmation email containing both a copy of the bond to be filed with the CSLB and a copy of your Contractors License Bond verification card. Within a few weeks, you'll receive a Contractor License Bond verification card in the mail. You can confirm that your bond posted with the state on the California CSLB website: www.cslb.ca.gov. It usually takes a couple of business days for this to appear. The bond filing is accepted on the day it's effective.

When do monthly payments come out of my account?

If you purchase a bond on or before the 15th of the month, the first payment comes out on the first day of the next month. If purchased on the 16th or later, the first payment comes out on the 15th day of the following month. The premium is an annual charge on your card for as long as the bond is in force. Monthly payments only pertain to credit card purchases. If you elect to pay the full amount, payment comes out instantly.

When does my bond become effective?

You can choose the effective date or opt for the default date, which is the current date. The California State License Board will post the bond according to the designated effective date. You can verify that your bond has posted at www.cslb.ca.gov.

Do I get notice when my monthly payments are taken out?

No. It's a direct debit, just like other direct-pay services.

Can I change my credit card on file?

Yes. Call Customer Service toll free at (800) 750-2663. The sooner the better because the bond will be terminated in the event we cannot access payment on that card.

Why can't I continue past the Indemnity Agreement page?

You must enter your first and last name and the last four digits of your social security number before you can go to the next page. Remember to make sure your name matches exactly what you entered in the Personal Indemnitor fields earlier in the site.

How long will my credit card continue to be charged?

If you elected to pay using a credit card, your account will be charged monthly, for as long as the bond renews.

How can I cancel my bond?

In order to cancel the bond, we'll need your license and bond number. You may call Customer Service toll free at (800) 750-2663, or email the information to bondsupport@911bond.com.

Can I get bonds for C-39 (roofing) or C-53 (swimming pool) contractors from 911bond.com?

At this time, 911bond.com does not have a program in place to instantly issue C-39 or C53 license class bonds. However, you can contact us toll free at (800) 750-2663 to speak with one of our bond experts regarding additional options.

Do you share my personal information with anyone, including other companies, etc.?

No. We do not, and we will not.

How fast will the state update my license information?

We electronically file with the state on the date the bond is to become effective. Within 1-3 days the state will process the bond.

Where can I obtain information on General Liability and Workers' Compensation Insurance?

In addition to providing the most competitive license bond options, Contractors Brokerage Service, Inc. is a full service agency specializing in the insurance requirements for all California Contractors. Simply complete the "Contact Us" section or call (800) 750-2663 and one of our insurance experts will be happy to assist you.

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